Teamwork feedback

Digital marketing professionals today have an abundance of technical knowledge. They can develop sophisticated marketing strategies, master data analysis tools, and optimize online advertising campaigns. They are technically solid.

However, many of them lack the interpersonal and social skills necessary to manage teams effectively. These skills are crucial in today’s work environment. The scope of activities that depend on people skills has grown significantly, given the increasingly horizontal structures, the use of self-managed teams, the growing diversity of the workforce, and the internationalization of businesses in a global economy.

While interpersonal skills were once a strategic advantage, they are now essential for any successful manager. Much of today’s workflow is organized around teams. Working in teams increases interdependence among members, making social and interpersonal skills critical for the success of both teams and individuals.

Teamwork during Skillsfactory

Teamwork is a fundamental part of our digital marketing training program. Developing interpersonal skills starts with work in learning teams. These teams consist of 5 to 7 people from diverse backgrounds, interests, careers, and functional experiences. Learning teams encourage collaboration, risk-taking, and innovation to become a high-performing unit.

Throughout this process, team members get to know each other well. They meet daily, spend time in classes together, and work under pressure with intensity and dedication. Successful leaders have a good understanding of themselves, and high-performing teams are characterized by a high degree of mutual knowledge among members.

Therefore, learning from team members is critical for personal development and team effectiveness.To facilitate this learning process, we provide the necessary tools and resources to enable feedback and communication among learning team members.

How it works

A key component of this process is the Interpersonal Skills Assessment Questionnaire (ISAQ). The feedback from the ISAQ included in this report will help participants develop a plan to harness their leadership potential and enhance their contribution as team members.

You will first be asked to evaluate yourself on how you work in a team with a self assessment questionnaire.

Then, you will complete the same evaluation for each of your team members. Please evaluate all the members of your current team – and only the members of your current team.

Provide honest feedback to ensure it serves as a valuable learning tool for everyone involved.